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September 22, 2010

So you Indeed pulled off a coup d’etat…

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That’s the only thing I can say after looking at recent avex fiasco of JYJ.

JYJ – You guys are again elevated in my eyes. But you know who’s even more elevated in my eyes? Shinhwa. I am slowly starting to understand why they are the legend, still legend, and will be legend. Eric.. you are awesome.

Back to topic at hand, Any big news in Entertainment industry is not possible with some strings being pulled behind the scenes. I felt a lot of strings were being pulled behind the screens, but this is one big rope that’s pulled…

Remember last time I told you Jaejoong aught pull off staff from SM & start his own place? Seems no one from SM yielded, so Instead, they took one from Avex to start a new every thing. This Baek guy Avex CEO keeps talking about is the guy who’s handling work for JYJ. Even remotely, what matsura says means that his influence on these guys lessened and the other person’s increased. Given the common sense rating of JYJ, I have a feeling they indeed took the right decision. They will do well with or with out Avex in Japan. As long as they don’t have a stop activities for so and so time if we don’t sign you type of contract with avex, they are all set.

So.. I shall give you a digest of what I am predicting & What’s going to happen.

For one, JYJ won’t die in Japan. Avex has a very neutral attitude towards JYJ, they are trying to portray them selves as the victim & JYJ as the offenders. It won’t work caz JYJ are the ones that are being admired, so how much ever Avex may try, they can’t avoid some back lash from fans of their biggest stars yet.

For JYJ, this won’t mean end in Japan. Entertainment companies seem work differently & on shorter term basis in Japan, that means they are going to have to do lot of hard work trying to get these guys work & trying to manage their schedule – how ever, it won’t be as bad as it is in korea with public opposition & SM pulling every thing and any thing it can.

But, It means a very slow pace in Japan, which JYJ will do well to follow. Too much of publicity is always bad. too much of success always brings as many enemies with it. At present, they are in the correct position. They have a not bad – not good dramas in both Japan and Korea, Acting and Dramas is one department where both the companies, SM & Avex doesn’t seem to have much hold on. So, how much ever they try, the amount of damage they cause will be nothing compared to what it would have been if JYJ remained in music.

For Yunho and Changmin – I am sorry to say, but you guys are pretty doomed. There comes a phase in your life where you have to get away from big names, and start some thing that fits you right to the T. Even if it’s not that age to Changmin, it’s so with Yunho. If he wants his career to take off and go some where, any where, it’s not the time to remain with SM. For one, SM gets all the sucky dramas & they seem to have a who pays more attitude towards Dramas as well. It takes a brain & intuition to get you right gig when you are acting – it’s so even with music, but SM seem to have some one right handling that department.

As far as they coming back to avex, Wont profit you as much as you think it will. Avex will work you the same way it did before, you guys will remain in music, Being the least popular guys ( That’s still miles ahead of rest , but …) it will be hard. As it is with SM, Avex also will not be able to get good drama gigs. Obviously, these guys won’t ever get short end of the stick, after all, even at their worst, these guys out do every one else by a shot.. so, you won’t ever get short end, but you won’t get long end either. It will be slow torture. The brightest part of the picture for these two guys, in my opinion, is they chose it them selves.

My vote is still with JYJ. I love Jaejoong , I like Junsu, I admire Yuchun..

I don’t mind Yunho, I absolutely love Changmin. that’s still one count smaller than other team. and I love all of their voices. yours, not so much.

So what do you guys think future holds for DBSK?

September 9, 2010

Hell — this aught make news..

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In korea on the least.

America’s darling video distribution cite HULU ~ The hulu is actually keeping a korean serial available.

Korea’s Drama’s made quite a good name for them selves if they are distributed on hulu. That’s just two steps below main stream. They must have gathered a really grand number of hits for them to be actually distributed through hulu.

Here’s the site’s address.

or netflix is taking out hulu’s traffic..

Any ways.. This is pretty good news for all the drama lovers, at least in america, caz it’s not going to be annoying quality less videos any more. If it’s hulu, at the very least it means you got your video quality right.

September 3, 2010

Strangest ads ever…

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I did not realise how important CF’s are for the power of idols.

2PM used to be a nobody, then they advertised every thing from toilet paper to cell phones. Hell, DBSK and big bang used to be nobodies, then they became stars as soon as they have gotten their first deal.

Either way, what prompted this soliloquy? Strange cheese ramen CF featuring Nichkhun. 2PM has really grown a lot. Now, I can actually see that big bang, 2pm, DBSK difference being displayed automatically. They made it quite fast too.

Any ways, this post is about strange ads. There is a set of CF’s that made my toes curl with embarrassment when I watch them.

Since I don’t watch that much big-bang any more( That’s me trying to be goodie-two-shoes). I might not have thought so at 16, or may be I would have, but BigBang’s MV’s are laden with too much crazi-ness.

2pm’s chacolate is a little crazy. DBSK’s oraminC wasn’t that great either. I am too bored to write, so this is where I end. I will just add a youtube video list to this post..

August 17, 2010

10000 Views.. Thanks guys.

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Well, I can’t say I am proud.

Obviously, the number of posts I have on is humongous.

Even if I am not proud, I am happy. I just sat by, and got these views.

Well, that’s it for now. I got a small goodie for you guys now.

That’s the website of some guy/girl who’s putting together many subbed videos of 2pm,superjunior,snsd,bigbang. So, those of you who hate searching, Go and check it out.

August 10, 2010

It’s Jay, Jay and more Jay…

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Well, he’s been on news a lot lately.

Ofcourse, I am not referring to mass media such as news papers & TV , though he seem to be having a pretty good share of those as well… But he is on news a lot in the website.

He lift’s a finger, it’s news, He tweets a picture, it’s news. Ofcourse, there are crazy fans like me who lap it up for it really does make their day. I guess I kind of get why older people become fans too.

It’s pretty much like shopping. If you want some thing good and cheap, you have to have the taste, eye & patience to look & get it. Or, you go in to a brand shop & loose your dough.. Why am I talking about brands?

Caz it’s got all that’s to do with why I like Jay. Remember when I said, I can’t pin point what I like about 2pm why it’s not soo 2pm any more with out Jay, caz it’s the american ness that I liked about the group? caz Jay is that brand now. Whether it’s entertaining or not, It just heartens you to see news about him, to know he is doing well enough, that a person can really go from rags to riches with talent & patience alone.

How ever, amidst all this glory, I am worried for him. A person has to break at one time or another when so many people come up with so many questions to know the same small detail. Perhaps it’s not a big deal, but after a while, so many people want to know it, it becomes hidden mole thought to be a behemoth. Either way, I am impressed Jay, you are still keeping your cool.

I hope you just won’t fall prey to any more tricks like this, caz you never know how the tide may turn. After all, he is still a foreigner. It’s just that, now he knows his career is here even if his life isn’t.

I hope you will do well Jay.

On that note, all the best & check out Jay’s news on Allkpop.

Bbye & have fun.

August 6, 2010

Hikaru Genji – The Hikaru Genji played by Ikuta?

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Why the heck is it Ikuta?

While that doesn’t meant I doubt in his ability to play the weirdest classic I have ever heard of, I just feel sad that Jin missed playing the character that sooooooo resembles him.

Before I start my ramble, I don’t hate Toma, I don’t like Jin. Infact, I love kattun sans Jin. Jin’s character resembles this classics never dying -forever-youthful hero, it’s amazing. But then, real life is far different than the ideal fictitious world. Toma obviously has the ability to learn the complex language and play it perfectly, while Jin sorely lacks the basic discipline needs to carry out half the acting task.

Now, for those of you who don’t know, Here is the Background on the character & classic. For those who are impatient & don’t want to read the entire floss – I am gonna rant about what you need to know any way.

So, this Hikaru guy is THE COOOOOOOLEST METROSEXUAL prince ever. Lucky for the contemporary courtladies, his sexual orientation is extra retro, like any super hero -this guy excelled at politics as well. Now comes the manga twist, this guy is not allowed to be the king because of a stupid prophesy. So, his trueblood-not-so-competent brother becomes king, while this guy, eventually becomes a king maker.

Now, what actually makes me say that he is most similar to Jin. one of his famous lines is to a random beautiful girl he sees in the corridor – whom he coerces to sleep with him – “I am the prince. I can do what ever I want – no one says a thing”.

i.e. He knew they won’t kick him out so he did every kind of shitty thing he can.

Eventually, his luck ran out, he has an affair with/rapes his brother’s girl, get’s kicked out.

He plans biggest coup-de-etat, and makes it successful. If he sets his mind on some thing, He must have it. He is the most careless & most organised person on the earth at the same time. He had flocks of men and women hanging around him, he cared about neither.

So guys – This Novel is to Japan what RobinHood is to England, Count of Montecristo, Swan lake for Russia – so on and so forth.

To be in such a movie will not only be a honour, it’s an everlasting fame. People who entirely wont watch any thing are going to watch till you die, decades after you die. You know why? This is going to be one of those movies.

Like every the re-broadcast of “Home Alone” Every X-mas, this is going to get a broadcast every spring/summer festival. It’s going to go in to annals of libraries because the ph.d students are going to analyze, re-anazlyze and analyze some more on this movie for ever. While people will keeep killing you with pens, You will forever be remembered like the dead/handicapped supermen.

So.. good for you Toma. I hope you can pull it off well. While I do think he fits the role, Jin might have fit better – but he lacks what Hikaru Genji eventually learned – Intelligence.

On that note, bbye & have fun.

August 3, 2010

STAR, Star … shining star ?

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Well – no idea who I am talking about.

A bunch of people I guess. First one is Junsu, as I have just seen his Junsu in australia dvd, and it’s very touching & awful at the same time.

Worst part of the DVD ( which is every minute) is I can see their determination to make it solo and not as a group. It’s not like they feel bad, but I guess all of us had this kind of moment at least once(if you don’t have it yet, lucky you! soon you will have it.), When we really really hate doing some thing, but we hate our selves more for not being able to do it.

I don’t know about you guys, but I just have that kind of instinct where I must conquer it for me to be peaceful. DBSK is going through similar moment. While I have written tons about how they are going through a transformation & how they need to prove them selves to their own self, looking at the evidence first hand is a totally different feeling.

I initially thought ONE DAY, some day in future, they will come back together again, and it’s in long future, but not too long. Sorry sweet hearts, that’s quite longer than a long shot. I just finished watching threevoices DVD, I can feel their determination to make it with out the members. Not their love is lessened, but they are annoyed with themselves (easy explanation), or they just have to prove it to them selves that they can exist by their own self. While they shout thousand times that they are DBSK, they don’t like this dependence they inadvertently brought upon them selves.

They just have to prove it that Kim Junsu has his own taste and personna. He can go to places with out the members. Jaejoong has a friend circle.. he can have fun with out dbsk – Changmin can make decisions for him self – he is quite capable.. They forgot these little details about each other as they existed as DBSK, and DBSK alone which is five guys put together, where the five function in such practised symphony it’s plain super human perfection.

Now, they started to remember all those little things, such as they did not like their morning coffee black, but with milk but they drank black any ways caz three out of five like black.

They remembered that their breakfast is always made by jae or by the manager and they don’t know cooking even when they lived alone for five years.

They remembered that now the sandwich they ordered sucks caz there is no yuchun to follow along and tell them which western food tastes best.

They remembered now that there is no one to make fun about, it’s lonely.

They remembered now there is no one making fun of them, they don’t know how to behave.

They remembered now there is no one to say no & call them silly, they don’t know whether they are making right decision or not.

Last but not the least, Now there is no one to lean on, They realised that they can’t cope.

That my friends – is a bad feeling. A very very bad feeling when you take five most competitive guys and tell them with out words that they can’t cope.

Now they just can’t leave the fact alone. They have to cope. They won’t be able to forgive them selves or look at their reflection in mirror unless they are capable cope and show the world they can. You simply cant. ( I for one can’t take it. I have to fight tooth and nail as long as there is 1% chance I can win – these guys must be worse. other wise they can’t make this far).

So, There you have it. Though at different places, different times & different situations, all of these guys realised they have to prove it to them selves, the world & every thing else in between that they can do it. So, till they can do it, They are not getting back together. When they did it, They most probably can’t get back together.

July 29, 2010

This Just might work…

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For Nichkhun and Victoria that is.

Last time, just before they started out, I have written some thing about Nichkhun’s play-boy capability… Now I am definitely watching it in play. Luckily, Victoria is just the kind of girl on whom this stuff just doesn’t work. I knew she is super cool.

Any ways, Khun is all his gentlemanly-forever-what-ever-you-want guy. Then Victoria is Cut-that-shit-it’s-gonna-get-you-in-trouble girl. They are perfect for each other. I hope khun understand he can do what ever he pleases, that’s why he is with a girl.

I also get why khun never gets in to trouble. He is way too cautious for his own good. He always tests the waters before taking a step. Khun – you just have to take a risk some times. That’s what life’s about.

Any ways, Khun likes Victoria from bottom of his heart, while victoria just likes him now caz he is her husband. that kind of evens out their balance. So, We got married – Thanks for not loosing your brains.

Khun & Victoria – I just love you guys.

On that note – bbye & have fun.

July 26, 2010

Just what did they do wrong?

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That’s the most strongest feeling I felt Every time Shinee made a come back. Save their debut song, Their concepts, their songs and their clothes suck. Suck as not in average suck, they totally really suck.

Seriously, These kids are talented ~ They look great with plain hair cut, and some funky/serious clothes. But every other time they come back, Every thing about them is damned wrong, other than music. Not a single time, There isn’t a single time that I looked at their clothes and accessories and thought these actually make them look good.

Don’t get me wrong, I like them. But every time they come out with some thing, I feel like they are being punished by heavens(or SM) for some unknown wrong. Just what did they do wrong that they have to suffer this horrible fashion, horrible dance and every thing used and left only by girl bands?

Caz that’s what shinee is doing. While every other idol group get’s in to a program that’s for guys, what does Shinee get? They get Hello baby, which is which ever way I look at, is made for girls. They are cool on it, that’s another point, but it’s just sad.

These kids are the best dance singers out there, they do every thing that’s assigned to them perfectly then WHY THE HELL DO THEY GET RECYCLED STUFF OF GIRL BANDS? or Tohoshinki? JUST WHAT THE HELL DID THEY DO WRONG? They could do so much better. They are being forced to be DBSK 2. Just forget that. These kids are not DBSK. They are a group of their own, and they are called shinee. STOP FORCING THEM TO BE DBSK/BIGBANG/LEE-HYORI WANNA BE’s. Or plain change their concept team.

I like these guys as people – with their personalities. But that’s where it stops. The moment I watch their MV or hear their songs, I realise why I stayed away from them. I must have a very eclectic taste( no chances there – I always like main stream music), or you are JUST WRONG SM TEAM.

July 21, 2010

Dear sweet, sweet Junsu…

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Though he is finally starting to loose his puppy fat – He is still as cute as ever.

But I am surprised his recent video oozes masculinity and perfection. Unfortunately for him, I rarely like mid-tempo songs, like most people, it seems there is a big difference between what he likes and what is good at. thank god, there is at least one humane member among this group of super humans.. Though he is the most super human-ie of them all.

The best memories of Junsu’s character I can recall are –

1. When he won the run and touch the ball in exploration of human body – when all the staff members thought the race would end at 9 or 9.5 meters or some thing, they raced and finished it at 10.5 or some thing. Amazing. (Being some one who boasts straight “D”s – which is only caz they pitied me – in physical education, That’s pretty much a show in it self for me).

2. When they talked about Junsu’s disrespect for his hyungs and his obsession with video games..

3. When he always got shot down, or beaten by Changmin while they talk. Maknae is indeed Max-strength guy when it comes to talking. The best quote I remember is when Changmin said what he dislikes about Junsu is that he talks big – but what annoys him ever more is, when Junsu does it, he does big as well. when there is not much gap between boast and the real doing, believe me, it’s annoying.

All in all, if there is one word I can describe Junsu with, it’s that he is a boy through and through. Now he is turning in to a fine man.

He is the kind of kid who is too easy to guide. It’s like heavens sent him down to earth to be an example to entire mankind.

He doesn’t want to study – he gets a family where he has enough support from parents to not study and pursue a different path.

He wants to dance and sing – he’s gifted with soo much skill, it’s a sin for him not to be a singer. I always thought Jaejoong was the best singer out of DBSK. But then, When I went and heard hug, I understood. There isn’t a single ounce of difference in Junsu’s skill then and now. How ever, members improved leaps and bounds. Now, Jaejoong sure does sound better than Junsu at times, but Junsu’s voice is an acquired taste. Once you fall in, you are done for. Ofcourse, both of them can’t beat Yuchun in just beauty of voice. Any ways, at the end of day, I think he resembles exactly what DBSK’s members are envious of him for.

Effortless achievement – Like Tohoshinki said, Junsu understands music with body. Even I think so. He is soooooooooo sensitive to sound and music, he understands it with his body. Jaejoong and Yuchun, both compose, so I guess they understand how rare this kind of skill is. It has to be there in first place, but then, Junsu put in sooooo much effort. Seriously, while this guy is easy to convince, no one’s ever tried to convince him against his believes. Like people asked him to work hard at stuff he likes beyond his health, he worked hard at it.

I always wonder what happens when someone tries to make Junsu do some thing he doesn’t like. That is another great characteristic about him. Like some rare people I saw, Junsu never ever judges any one. I have never seen it on his face that this is beneath Junsu, I have never heard him saying I am not fond of this stuff..

So, Here is the analysis for the Junsu. He is the genious child who is too childish to actually utilise his prodigy status to full extent. But guess what? That’s what we all love him for.

Now for the part that most might not like —

What kind of girl is for Junsu? Ofcourse, as you guessed, a Pure girl. But she mustn’t be too innocent. She shall look like an angel, but should have a little mud on her petticoat ~ like who can make incredibly feminine clothes look right, at the same time, make boyish clothes look perfect on them. She has to be curvy, she shall have an iron will, ability to make fast and quick decisions ( caz Junsu is too fickle). She shall not know much about the world, how ever, she shouldn’t be all that naive either. She should know enough to run her home perfectly, and to keep people at check when she feels like it. i.e. She shall have a heart of lilies, a sharp brain, should be adept at house hold tasks and organising, homely stuff like that. Last but not the least, Junsu should be apple of her eyes. She must love him soo much that no other’s are visible to her eyes & she’s not afraid to show it.

Well, there guys.. You have it.

Finally-Finally-Finally, I have a bad enough day. So you get your Junsu. Well, not to say I don’t like him, but he is not high on my list. His personality is too opposite to mine for me to like him dearly. Still, there is some thing I totally agree with. – He is too talented and he deserves every last bit of fame he got .

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